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                                                        Terms & Conditions 

Booking a Genesis Transfer means you agree to the Terms & Conditions listed below.

Payments - Credit & Debit Cards accepted.

* No Credit Card Charges * 

                                                      Receipts issued on request.

Settlement of your transfer fee can be made at time of booking or at time of transfer.

Corporate & Business accounts can be arranged. Terms of Trade to be discussed.

Cancellations & Change of Transfer Date & Time.

I am more than happy to rearrange your transfer date and time provided it does not clash with another booking.

If payment is made at time of booking, please see conditions below:

* Please note if you have made PRIOR payment and have to cancel the transfer, you have the option of a family member or friend being allowed to use your transfer provided it's a like for like transfer, ie; area and time wise.

It's important that you understand a Domestic or International ARRIVAL transfer is calculated at a different rate to a DEPARTURE transfer due to waiting times and parking costs incurred for ARRIVALS.

Cancellation Fees;
7 days prior notification to date of transfer - 75% refund of transfer price.
2 - 7 days prior notification to date of transfer - 50% refund of transfer price.
Cancellation less than 48 hours notice, NO refund is given, however a change of transfer date similar to the original transfer booking time is accepted without any cancellation costs incurred if there has been a prior transfer payment.

Waiting Time Fees;
There are no waiting time fees for International & Domestic ARRIVALS, as the rate is already factored into the transfer price. However I do have to set a waiting limit.
Domestic Arrival wait time is 30 minutes 
International Arrival wait time is 60 minutes.

Waiting time is calculated at 15 minute increments. However 10 minutes grace is given for pickups. After the 10 minutes, a waiting time fee is charged at $25 and will be settled at time of transfer. Thank you for your understanding.